The ultimate showcase of SA’s top terroir wines

The ultimate showcase of SA’s top terroir wines
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What makes the world of wine so wonderful is all the different cultivars and styles of wine to be tasted and enjoyed. South Africa’s Wine of Origin system also makes it possible to discover and enjoy wines of which all the grapes came from a specific wine terrain. Therefore Novare SA Terroir Wine Awards will always have its place.

The SA Terroir Wine Awards were founded 11 years ago and during this time certain cultivars have shown their versatility because the National Winners came from various terrains. The judges on the panel are varied and not all seven panel members are exactly the same people every year. It is therefore interesting to see which producers performed well during the past ten years with different panels.

The top performers since 2006 (five or more National Winners):

• Bon Courage Estate
• Nuy Wine Cellar
• Cederberg Cellar
• Neethlingshof Estate
• Doolhof Estate
• Anura Vineyards
• Bergsig Estate
• Jordan Estate
• Wildekrans Estate
• Hermanuspietersfontein Wine Cellar

Some wine terrains clearly stand out as prime terroirs for specific cultivars. Good examples are Semillon and Muscadel. The Ghost Corner Semillon of Cederberg Cellars’ grapes come from the Elim ward and in the past ten years walked away with seven National Winner certificates. Exactly the same applies to the Muscadel wines from Nuy Wine Cellar in the Nuy Valley.

South Africa’s Wine of Origin System makes it possible for the panel to judge wines that are from specific wine terrains. Only wines certified as wine of origin single vineyard, estate-produced, ward or small district not divided into wards, may take part.

The ultimate showcase of a terroir is a single vineyard wine. In 2016 the first ever Novare Trophy for SA Terroir Top Single Vineyard Wine will be awarded.

The other trophies are for the Top Terroir Producer, Top Wine Estate and Top Wine Area. Besides the National Winners and trophies, South Africa’s Top 5 Estate Wines are also announced on stage. Another important part of the competition is the fact that the top wines from each of the different areas are also announced in the results.

The sponsor Novare was established 16 years ago and the company’s growth continues year after year.

Novare is an independent investment advisory business.  Our job is to evaluate funds and fund managers and thereby offer clients innovative investment solutions. Similar to our business principles of uncovering the best-performing investment opportunities from a particular region, the SA Terroir Wine Awards discover wines that best reflect the terroir in which they are produced.” – Johan Henn.


Entries close: 21 June
Delivery of samples: 23 and 24 June
Judging: 6, 7, 8 July
Awards function:  27 July

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