Mountains & Flora

This section of the Estate stretches for 437,4 hectares and includes parts of Kleineberg, Zwarmanskop and Lategansberg. The altitude varies between 300 and 650 meters above sea level. The property is home to a wide variety of indigenous plant species, a few of which are on the endangered list.

There is an ongoing program for the removal of invading plant species such as Hakea, Black Wattle, Pine and Gum trees. About 80% have been removed, with the removal of the balance, to be completed by 2017.

Animals found on the farm include small antilope such as Klipspringer, Grysbok, Duiker, Vaalribbok, Steenbok, as well as Dassies, Hares, Black Backed Jackal, the Giant Otter and various kinds of mongoose and rodents. The wide variety of reptiles includes the very rare Geometric Tortoise.

A number of birdwatching days are held each year, which to date have yielded more than 150 different species, as a result of the varied landscape. A number of new species, not previously seen on the farm, are also now putting in an appearance, such as Hadeda, Marshall Eagle and the Fish Eagle.