White River

Four Rivers

There are four rivers that flow through the vineyards and they provide a unique habitat for birds and other wildlife.

The smallest of the four rivers flowing through the estate is Kamps River, only ±3 meters wide but running swiftly in winter.

The Wabooms River is fed by a variety of smaller streams in the Mostertshoek Mountains and gets to its greatest size when the winter snow in the Waaihoek Mountains near Ceres melts. It reduces to a trickle in late summer.

White River’s origin is high in the Bainskloof Mountains, where the crystal clear cold water from the many gorges eventually converge, bringing with them a wide variety of fish.

The Breede River makes a 6 km meandering journey through the estate. Also starting high in the Waaihoek Mountains, it transforms into a swirling mass of water in winter from the rain-fed streams and melting snow.
It is home to 10 fish species, of which the indigenous White Fish is under threat by invading fish species and human interference.

One of the most spectacular sights on the farm is the meeting point where the White River flows into the Breede River.