Bulldozer Pinotage 2013

A special story

The grapes were selected from the oldest vines on the property – so old, in fact, that they are close to being dug up! However, the ominous presence of a bulldozer on the side of their plot seems to scare them into life and each year they produce a modest amount of tiny berries that make wonderfully concentrated wine.

Tasting Notes

The Bulldozer Pinotage is a rich-red, full-bodied and intensely flavoured wine. On the nose, this lightly oaked wine has cedar-tones, plum and dark berries, while the generous palate possesses a combination of suave fruit and spice.


Alc.: 13.93%
RS: 3.0 g/l
TA: 5.6 g/l
pH: 3.48


Age of vines are 26 years.
Planted in Swartland soil.
The grapes were harvested in early March 2013 at 24 – 26 ° B.
Must are pumped over the rich, dark and full flavoured berry skins as soon as the fermentation starts. This process enhances extraction for optimum colour and flavour.
Malolactic fermentation was completed prior to the long term maturation.
Lightly oaked for 6 months.