MTB Trail

Welcome to the New Bergsig MTB Trail

The Bergsig Mountain Bike Route is a 13-kilometer circular route with a total ascent of 270 meters that starts and ends at the Bergsig Estate wine house and tasting room.


The Bergsig MTB Trail offers an ideal sporting activity for the whole family where beginners and younger riders can turn off at Bobbejaandraai before the start of the more technical mountain terrain.

This scenic off-road trail snakes through the Bergsig vineyards and lower fynbos-covered mountain slopes with varied track sizes ranging from a broad Jeep road to narrower single tracks.

The day permit cost is only R20.00 per person, and a convenient SnapScan payment option with a QR-code is available at the start of the route for cyclists who wish to ride outside the normal business hours.

Our tasting room and Bistro is also available for guests to visit after their energetic off-road cycle, and our establishment is open from Mondays to Fridays between 08:00 and 17:00, and on Saturdays and public holidays from 09:00 until 16:00.

We ensure endless sporting fun for MTB enthusiasts and nature lovers and are looking forward to welcoming your guests here at Bergsig Estate.

Please use this QR code for SnapScan Payment

Terms & Conditions

  • Permits are compulsory.
  • By purchasing your permit on SnapScan, you acknowledge that you have read and understood our Terms and Conditions.
  • Riding is completely at your own risk.
  • No helmet, no ride. Please wear a helmet at all times.
  • Your access permit is your SnapScan receipt and must be with you at all times.

General Trail Rules

  • Riders should please use the trails with caution and always wear a safety helmet.
  • Please consult a doctor before starting any exercise program. Failure to take precautions may result in injury or death. Always try and ride within your limits and in groups for your own safety.
  • Please take fluids with you. Mountain water becomes scarce between November and April.
  • During summer, be aware of snakes underfoot in mountain areas.
  • Be prepared to get wet in the winter months – mountain streams are abundant.
  • Only use the marked routes and please respect the land and property. Trails are situated on a working farm and trail conditions are subject to change without notice or indication.
  • Please comply with notices and directions.
  • No smoking or littering on the trail. Making fires are strictly prohibited.
  • Please respect nature at all times. Do not damage trees and vegetation, and please do not kill any wild animals you come across.


  • The rider undertakes and agrees to ride all trails and use all areas entirely at his or her own risk.
  • The rider hereby waives and shall have no claim whatsoever against Bergsig Estate, any landowners, any individual organiser or contractor, official, assistant, helper, representative or agent, the sponsors, any local authority or their employees, hereinafter referred to as parties, in respect of any injury, loss or damage that the rider may suffer arising from any injury to the person or damage to property of the rider, caused directly or indirectly by the negligence, albeit gross or otherwise, of one or more of the aforementioned parties.
  • The rider undertakes not to hold any of the parties liable if he or she or any dependent or his or her estate suffer loss or damage which was caused directly or indirectly from participation on the premises, including, but without limiting the generality of the afore-going, any loss or damage due to physical injury or death or the physical injury or death of another person, or due to patrimonial loss or damage, and in whichever manner the damage or loss was caused, including negligence or otherwise of the parties.
  • The rider indemnifies the parties against all liability for the above-mentioned loss or damages and confirms that this acceptance of risk, undertaking, and indemnity is also binding on his or her estate.
  • The rider accepts that, without limiting the generality of the afore-going, the parties and the owners or managers of the venue shall accept no responsibility or liability for any injury, howsoever caused, to any person while on the premises or while utilizing the facilities thereon, as well as in respect of any patrimonial loss or damage, howsoever caused, suffered by any person while on the premises or while utilizing the facilities thereon.
  • Should the rider be a minor, the parent, guardian, or adult supervisor of the minor confirms that the minor is riding the trails and using all areas at his or her own risk and indemnifies the parties against claims by or on behalf of such minor and hereby indemnifies the parties in respect of any injury, loss or damage as referred to above.
  • The rider, or in the case of a minor, the parent or guardian, confirms that he or she has read and understands the effort of this indemnity.
  • All or any of the parties may accept the benefits which accrue to them in terms of this indemnity at any time after it has been agreed to by the participant, which agreement shall be given automatically by way of ridership or participation on the premises.
  • The rider hereby undertakes to use his or her best endeavours to bring this disclaimer to the attention of all of his or her invitees and all other users as far as reasonably possible.
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