Bergsig Estate is situated in the Breede River Valley in South Africa, about 110 km from Cape Town. This is where the Drakenstein and Hex River Mountains meet, creating such scenic surroundings that the farm was named “Bergsig”, meaning “mountain view”. In the valley and mountain slopes, this family estate offers a range of soils, aspects and climatic conditions, ideally suited to the quality white and red grape varieties grown here. The farm’s position provides unique climatic conditions, because here is where the Breede River Valley narrows. The funnel effect that is created gives Bergsig cooling winds in summer and sufficient rainfall to require only supplementary irrigation when necessary. This coupled with access to mountain hillsides, means the main ingredients for quality are in place.

The majority of vineyards are younger than 20 years, with Pinotage and Tinta Barocca (used for Ports) approaching 30. Planted on a variety of soils, the vineyards have been sited where generations of experience show they produce the best results. Vineyard management is focused not only on ensuring the best possible grape quality, but also on conservation, and the farm is therefore IPW certified, as a user of environmentally friendly farming methods. For further information, see Conservation. Over 437 hectares of mountain, river and valley terrain is in the process of being restored to its natural habitat through the elimination of alien species.